Small Business, Veterans and Women Owned Sourcing

Source Your Products with Us

We do more than just create our own products, we also help others source products directly from China.

Right now over a million people and businesses are sourcing from Alibaba but not directly from people they know or have any idea what prices should really be, or what you would pay in the marketplace in China.

This disadvantage doesn't bother the large companies or people who are selling 6 figures worth of products, but for the small business just starting out, it's a problem.

It's an even larger problem when you have a limited budget and scramble to try to find something that will sell, or products that have value enough to make some profit.

At least 90% if not 100% of the products we all find in Walmart, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and all the other platforms are coming from China...that's a fact.

When we shop in Walmart and see items that we know for certain are marked up over 500% coupled with the fact that they are procured in bulk it hurts my head.  I see a scarf that may have cost 15 RMB selling for $12.99 knowing the true exchange is $2.99 it just makes me see red, and it should make you see that too.  Knowing it was bought in bulk by major corporations (not just Walmart but on Amazon as well) they may have paid 50 cents each at most.

The small seller has little chance of success to compete other than to grasp the small pieces of scrap to compete with other small sellers (along with competing against the giants).

So ok, you want to know what makes us different?

We not only travel to China twice or more a year but we have lived and worked in China and so have many friends, relationships and know manufacturers that do not sell on Alibaba.  They too are smaller and more willing to work with budgets, designs and products needed by small business people.

  • We only take clients that are small business, Veteran Owned and Women owned.
  • We negotiate a flat fee or % of the work and product sourcing that you need.
  • We negotiate face to face with the China Manufacturer.
  • We can apply for your trademark in China.
  • We inspect everything prior to packaging, including designs, fabric, packaging materials and specifics according to you requirement.
  • We arrange shipment, storage in the USA that will also facilitate shipments to your Amazon FBA, customs and more.
  • We can assist you or travel with you to the Canton Fair which takes place twice a year and help you source products and make relationships with the suppliers and manufacturers.


Ok well that's great but what makes us more qualified than the other agencies offering sourcing?

  • We have the same common ground as the clients we serve.  Small business, veteran owned, women owned (50%) and began with limited money.
  • We know what it's like to source from unreliable suppliers and the expense in time and money that we lost.
  • We have direct relationships with half of our team living in China.
  • Between the entire team that will work to make you successful we have budget and finance experience, 15 years of procurement and buying for the Government, 20 accumulated years of art and design, 15 years of business ownership and more.

We will help launch a new product with you on places like Indiegogo and Start-ups, apply for patents and apply for trademark protection in China.

We will match you with suppliers, that we know, and will work with you in selection and shipping.  We will also match you with the perfect manufacturing partner to create your product, design and sew you fashion line, modify a new design from an existing product and more.

Please contact us at: with subject line include 'small biz'.