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  • Inflatable Travel Pillow helping protect your neck and providing comfort while you sleep.

We have tried for years to find a perfect travel pillow and the inflatable style has always been the most convenient.  It isn't bulky and taking up huge amount of space in our bags.  We don't have to hang it off the back of our backpacks when we want to cover the bag from rain and the cover doesn't fit.

Most neck pillows, in my opinion, are worn improperly and don't really help, so I always wear it backwards.  Yep the back in front because my head always falls forward when I sleep and none of the neck pillows prevent that.  So then I jerk back awake!

This pillow is different and gives me exactly what I need while protecting and supporting the side of my neck it keeps my head from falling forward.

  • Has a small bridge between the sides of the pillow that supports my chin.
Size Of Full Inflation Size:
32x35x21 cm
12.59x17.77x8.26 inch
Storage Size Of Pillow:
20x16.5x6 cm
7.87x6.49x2.36 inch
black velvet ultra-soft surface, suitable for long-distance flight or driving,
unique neck support design, more convenient for folding travel;
Inflating method:
Pinch the bottom of the mouth with your hand and blow it with your mouth. When the air is full,

release your hand. The deflation is the same. This mouth has a self-sealing mouth. It is easy to find the method.