Adjustable Waterproof Secure Backpack Rain Cover Portable Ultralight Shoulder Protect Outdoor Sand Protection Dust Proof Hiking fits 35/45L bags

Tired of  getting to your destination and getting in your bag to find everything wet?  Or full of dust and sand?  Nothing is worse than traveling for hours and wanting to get some warm clothing on to find that everything you have is soaking wet.

Backpack Rain covers are a must when travelling, hiking, climbing, camping, cycling, you name it.  These backpack protective rain covers serve as dual purpose covers when we travel in unknown cities and towns as it helps to secure the back of your bag from any potential sticky fingers creeping in.

When we travel we normally cover the bag and use a cord, strap or rope to tie around our bags while carrying on our backs.  It isn't a must everywhere but it's a good practice and provides a little peace of mind.  I do have to say that even though it is waterproof I always go over all of my gear with some scotch-guard before I head outside for another adventure.

It's just a lesson learned from travel in the mountains of Nepal when we faced torrential rains for hours and my once waterproof poncho (after 9 hours) was struggling to keep the rain from seeping through.  It never hurts to increase your waterproofing safeguards.

We used to use large garbag bags, yep, to cover our things, and we still carry a supply with us because they do come in handy, but these backpack covers have elastic bands so you can stretch the cover over your bag for a more secure and tight fit.

These backpack covers are not just useful in the rain but also handy to prevent dust and sand from getting inside your bag and gear.

  • waterproof nylon covering backpack cover easily adjusts and secures 35L and 45L bags
  • secure on the outside as additional protection from access to zip pockets and internal parts of your bag.

  • Made from nylon material which is light-weight and flexible. Easily compress to fit inside small compartments inside your bag when not in use.

  • Especially useful while hiking, climbing, running and any outdoor adventures to keep your bag dry and clean.