MacAi 'Girls-Ride-the-80th-Sturgis' Unisex Stainless Steel Leather Strap Watch Women Bikers

Specifially designed for the Woman Biker!!!  It's not often that you will find specific designs just to Honor Women Bikers...and we have it just for you!

It used to be women on the back of the bike but over the last 30-40 years more and more Women Bikers are commanding their own rides...and we love it!

We love to see our Veterans in the Rally as well and this number increases yearly.

MacAi custom created watch to celebrate the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in honor of 80 years this August 2020.

This is the 80th Anniversary of the ride that began in 1938!

We specifically design the graphics to enhance the dynamic colors of the design and watch face. Get one for yourself and if you are feeling generous get one for your whole crew.

It doesn't matter if you ride or not, live in the Black Hills or not, we embrace folks no matter and being part of the biker family in celebration of 80 years is a one-time event. The Rally begins in August every year but you really ought to get things sorted now to arrange your stay in the area and order these stand-out watches to make everyone jealous.


* Stainless steel watchcase.
* Super hard wear-resisting glass mirror.
* Genuine leather wrist strap.
* Miyota quartz mechanism by Citizen.
* Our printing technology creates a sharp and vivid finish.