DIY Pet Memorial Say Goodbye Your Way Garden Stone for the Kids, Teens and Adults to Color Draw Own Words From Your Heart To Say Goodbye to Your Loved Pet in a Personalized, Custom and Unique Way

When we accept a pet into our life they become a new family member that we love and care for. When they pass away it’s a very emotional time for all. Children often have a harder time with the passing and we feel that our children need an outlet to express their sorrow, deal with the grief and say goodbye to their pet. With our pet memorial stone there's something the adults can share with their kids to color/draw and maybe help with or even get through the grieving process together. With our weather resistant resin stone and set of 12 multi-colored permanent markers, your children will have accretive outlet and the freedom to not only express their sorrow but be able to deal better with the loss. You love your children and don’t like to see them sad, so buy them a Pet Memorial Stone, help them personalize it and start to find their smile again. It would be easy to buy a Garden Stone with the generic epitaph, the same generic words that come with most all the Garden Memorial Stones on can get a Memorial Stone that let's you write what you want...Say Goodbye Your Way. Say Goodbye Your YOUR words with the love and sentiment that is missing from the generic stones. We created our Pet memorial Stone to give our children the time to say their goodbyes with their own googly squiggles...hearts...happy and sad faces...balloons...and misspellings...because they want to say goodbye too. They want to let their favorite dog, or cat know how much they will miss them everyday. They want to say that and they want to share that because when our pets leave us it isn't a selective pain only for we adults. It's a pain that we can't measure and we can't decide how much our children hurt so let them say that...let them write what they want to say on this Memorial Stone. Although we did include a marker set, these are permanent markers, but you can always paint on the stone, use whiteboard markers that wash off easily and try again.

  • TOTALLY IN YOUR WORDS: Say Goodbye Your Way with your own writing. Our children have their own voice This stone is made to look and feel like real stone, is weatherproof, and is designed to withstand the outdoor elements.  This item can be used as a grave marker, headstone, or tombstone and makes a great pet loss sympathy gift.
  • CHILDREN NEED TO EXPRESS their feelings in a way that is fun and easy method that has meaning to them.
  • 12 COLORFUL PERMANENT MARKER SET is included with the memorial Pet Stone for colorful expressions.