BooBooFace Throw Pillow designed by MacAi & Co Dog Lovers Pillow

We designed these throw pillows for our dog, Buddy the bully, aka BooBooFace.

We love our dog, just like you, and he loves these pillows and really isn't slightly concerned what he does with them or where they are in the house...or car.  We keep one in the car for him to lie down and several in the house, some are torn to bits...cuz that's kind of what bullies like to do...and others he has in his bed.  Although he is unsure if his bed is the sofa, the beds in the house or anywhere else he just feels like flopping down.

We don't mind though because the pillows have removable covers that can be washed easily and clean for him to dirty again.  Most people love their dogs, and bully lovers are a special breed because a bully has more challenging behavior than most other dogs.

He is stubborn...likes his toys...all of them away from you and under him somehow...difficult to get up to go potty until you let him know there is watermelon....yep just the question...Buddy want watermelon??  He becomes a lightening bolt to the kitchen where we snag a leash on him for his walk outside.

We adore him though.  He is a rescue from one of those horrible breeding mills that we all hate....really hate....but he is a brilliant boy and loved by everyone he meets.  So a few throw pillows for problem.... this not a BooBooFace?

A strategically placed accent can bring the whole room to life, and this pillow is just what you need to do that. What's more, the soft, machine-washable case with the shape-retaining insert is a joy to have long afternoon naps on.

• 100% polyester case and insert
• Hidden zipper
• Machine-washable case
• Shape-retaining polyester insert included (handwash only)